Video Interview Tips

Do you have a video interview on your agenda?

As hiring becomes global and more employees work remotely, video interviews have become commonplace. For hiring managers and recruiters, they're a way to quickly conduct first-round interviews, save on transportation costs, and get the interview process started much faster than scheduling in-person interviews.

The key to a successful video interview is to practice beforehand so that you avoid technical problems and feel confident with the process.

Keep in mind; a video interview carries as much weight as an interview conducted in-person, so you will want to make sure that you're well prepared to interview remotely.

Key Tips for Video Interviews

- If you are using your own equipment, do a trial run a day or two before the interview.

- Set up your camera and any headset or microphone as if you were going to do the actual interview. If possible, use the same video technology that you'll be using during the actual interview. That way, you won't have any last minute installation issues or password problems right before your interview.

- Your camera should be at eye level (not above or below). A poorly placed camera can result in unflattering double chins or weird shadows. Check to make sure your sound equipment works properly.

- Regardless of location, make sure that you send any materials (resume, portfolio, etc.) that the recruiter needs in advance.

During the Interview

- Make sure the table / background is clean and neat. You don't want to distract the interviewer.

- Be aware that the microphone picks up all the noise in the room. Don't tap your pen or shuffle papers.

- Make eye contact. If you don't the camera will be focused on the top of your head.

- Use the Picture-in-Picture feature so you can see how you appear.