/ Client /

Professional in approach, prompt and provides quality service, important qualities to achieving the desired results.

HR Manager - Crane Hire Company, UAE

/ Candidate /

An example of a recruitment agency that are honest, diligent and of the highest caliber. Work has always been of the highest standard and not afraid to go that extra mile. A true professional.

Sales Manager - International Property

/ Client /

Having worked closely over a number of years on recruitment projects I have always been very pleased with the level of commitment put into sourcing the correct candidates, saving me time and money.  p

HR Director - Mining Equipment, UK & Africa

/ Client /

A commensurate professional. Whilst I was operations manager for MPE, delivered service without fail on all occasions where we required professional services at a time when it was particularly difficult to source high level candidates and resources within the Mining sector. Knowledge in the Mining and Oil & Gas sector is complimented by a pro-active management of clients and delivery of repeatable excellent results. An extensive network of contacts delivered where other companies failed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Operations Manager - Mining, Oil & Gas Consultancy, Australia

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